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Family Lawyers and Mediators Serving Brampton and Surrounding Areas

Family Law disputes differ from other disputes because of their personal and emotional aspect. We recognize that people and their relationships differ, so do their problems as do the solutions.

Finding You the Best
Family Law Solutions

The role of our Brampton Family Lawyers is to find you the right solution to your family law matter. We act for husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, common law spouses, grandparents and sometimes even children. Our family lawyers will assist you with all issues pertaining to family law, with a particular focus on complicated parenting disputes and complex financial matters.

While it is always our hope to resolve matters in a non-confrontational way, we recognize that sometimes this may not be an option. We tackle Family Court proceedings with a robust and strong approach. We understand the importance of shifting gears if and when the other side is being obstructive/ non-cooperative.

We actively listen to your needs and make sure that you receive the information, legal advice and support that you need to make an informed decision and provide us with instructions accordingly. We pride ourselves in being experienced in handling a diverse range of family law issues.

We recognize that family law is unique as it often intersects with other areas such as immigration, tax, criminal law, mental health, international law and more. Over the years, we have developed a trusted network of professionals that can help us to assist you, if and when the need arises.

We have a varied client base consisting of persons from different income levels, different ethnic backgrounds and different age brackets all with one thing in common – they all want resolution to their family law matter.

Our Brampton family law firm provides a wide range of family law services to Brampton and surrounding areas.

What people say:

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There is no “one-size-fits-all” solution.

Mediation | Services

Brainstorm and arrive at a settlement that fits your needs with minimal conflict and delay at a fraction of the cost with the assistance of a neutral.

Arbitration | Services

Parties agree to submit their dispute to arbitration, rather than engage in Court proceedings as it is faster, less expensive and private.

Collaborative | Services

A team approach to family law. The lawyers, financial and family professional work together to negotiate an out of court settlement.

Court | Services

In some cases litigation is necessary to get the ball rolling and will bring about a more timely resolution to the dispute.

Med-Arb | Services

Combines the benefits of both processes, so that if mediation is not successful one can resolve the dispute through arbitration.

Unbundled | Services

Limited Scope Services and Legal Coaching are alternatives to full-service representation. It is a better option for those on a budget .

Parenting Coordinator | Services

When Parties are having problems implementing a parenting agreement / court order a PC may be used to assist
the Parties.

Voice of the Child | Services

A non-evaluative report that puts forward the views of the child. It provides the judge, mediator or arbitrator the child’s perspective.

The ethos of our practice

Provide personalized attention
Keep clients informed about every stage of the process
Anticipate future hurdles and prepare for them
Retain objectivity and integrity