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We are Collaborative

The Collaborative Practice is an alternative to courts to resolve family disputes. It is based on principled negotiations. Two lawyers are required for this process.

The parties agree in writing not to go to court at the first meeting. This means that if one party later on decides to go to court, both lawyers have to stop acting and both parties have to change solicitors.

This is a voluntary process. The Parties sign a collaborative participation agreement identifying the issues they will address. They voluntarily disclose all information and engage in negotiations to reach a mutually acceptable settlement. Other than the financial disclosure the discussions in the meetings are privileged and confidential, and if the collaborative process was to break down, neither party is allowed to refer to the discussions in later court proceedings. This allows everyone to talk freely and suggest options and proposals, they would otherwise not put forward.

The Collaborative Practice also allows you the benefit of coaches, child and financial specialists all working together with you on your team. However, their involvement is terminated if Court proceedings are commenced.

We are collaboratively trained.