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Sometimes you just want to make sure you are right.

As a Certified Family Law Specialist, I can bring a new perspective, energy and thinking to protracted, complex and seemingly unmanageable disputes. I can work with you to devise a strategy to resolve a specific issue or the entire case. I can also provide you with expert support behind the scenes. Call me to get a different perspective and a better understanding of the case.


Not all lawyers enjoy conducting trials,
we do.

The harsh light of the courtroom exposes the flaws and the beauty of a case. I have handled several trials and welcome the challenge. Nothing is as flattering as a referral from a colleague. I would love to work with you as second chair or take over the matter.

Office Space

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Office Space is now available in Brampton for Lawyers & Mediators.

On-Demand work space when you need it. Rent by the hour or rent by the day. Downtown Brampton location. Free parking and free wifi.

Screening for Arbitration

Before proceeding with arbitration, the Parties involved must be interviewed separately by someone trained to recognize and understand symptoms of intimate partner violence and power imbalance. This process is required even if the Parties are represented by lawyers. The screener prepares a confidential screening export that is shared only with the arbitrator. The screener assesses the readiness to proceed and the ability of the participants to effectively participate. This process is required to ensure that the arbitration is fair and safe and to assist the arbitrator in determining the safeguards they need to put in place.