Truffles and Mochaa

Truffles and Mochaa Bhagat

Truffles is a European Golden Retriever. He is a certified therapy dog. He is intuitive and can sense if you need a cuddle or alone time. If he is in the office, he will greet you with his toy. Outside of work, he enjoys lots of treats, endless belly rubs.

Mochaa is a Bernese Mountain Dog. He is a covid puppy, hence a little skittish around people. He has ginormous paws that he might offer for you to shake. He hasn’t been around people much but is hoping to change that.

Truffles and Mochaa are big boys. We understand if you’re scared of them or if you cannot be around them because you’re allergic. Just let the office know, we will make sure they just say hello from afar and stay a safe distance away in another room. If you’re not scared of them, they would love to show you all the tricks they know.