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Unbundled Legal Services

Limited Scope Services and Legal Coaching are alternatives to full-service representation and a better option for those on a budget or for those with limited means.

Limited Scope Services

We get it, not everyone can afford to retain a lawyer to resolve their family dispute. We will work with you to assist you based on your affordability. The easiest way to explain this is that it is like renovating your home.  For example, if you are looking to renovate your home. You can paint the walls and decorate it; you do not necessarily a contractor to take care of this for you. Maybe you can even dry wall and lay the floor. You call the plumber or electrician (the expert) for just that task. The cost is considerably lower.

Most clients prefer us drafting their initial materials as this is the foundation of their case similar to having the foundation of a home laid. They represent themselves for the most part and contact us if and when required. We often hear back from them if there is a motion or the matter is set for trial as this is a lot more complicated then regular Court dates.

We can also assist if you are mediating or arbitrating your family law dispute.

Some of our clients prefer to deal with the “other side” themselves. This ensures that they are not billed for the umpteen phone calls, emails or correspondences from the “other side”. Sometimes they simply want to deal with it themselves to avoid the increased hostility when counsels get involved. When the litigation reaches a pivotal stage, the clients are able to retain us as counsel of record in a heartbeat; given that we already have knowledge of the file, the transition is smoother and cost effective. We will require a retainer for this service however the retainer may not be as high as that required for a contested family law matter.

As your legal coach, we assist you in developing the skills you need to effectively handle your family law matter. We offer behind the scenes guidance and mentoring on things such as how to present yourself in Court, how to put together your materials, how to draft correspondences to the other side or the lawyer and pretty much any thing else with respect to your family law matter. We can assist you if you are mediating, arbitrating or in Court. We guide you on how to put your best case forward.

Clients have provided feedback that legal coaching provides them with the much need skill set to move forward even after their family law case has concluded. We have successfully coached several of our clients through various family law proceedings and through various stages of these proceedings.

We are proud to be on the Family Law Limited Scope Projects roster.

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Flat Fee
Unbundled Services

Many, if not most legal matters are unpredictable and vary widely in costs. Drafting documents for court can for the most part be predictable.

At the initial consultation we provide you with a checklist of documents we require to assist you with this process. We also set out a time line. We recognize your need for cost certainty and are willing to work within your budget.

A higher level of cooperation is required from the client  for this to be a mutually workable arrangement. Payment has to be rendered in full before we commence work.